CSO Observing Manual

January 18, 2002


This revision of the CSO Observing Manual has been long in the making. Since the last edition (July 1997), CSO has gone through a number of significant changes in hardware (new antenna computer, etc.) and associated with them new ways of communicating and working with these new hardware. Some of the common use computers have also been upgraded, and some died of old age. All in all, a significant part of the last observing manual has become obsolete, and at places misleading.

In making this revision, I have incorporated most of the user comments jotted down on the copy of the manual placed in the control room, and also attempted to update information wherever I see relevant. Structure-wise, it largely follows the last edition. But I also include a section on making continuum observations with SHARC, which I know will become obsolete when SHARCII comes on-line.

Some of the contents are pirated from certain web sites(SHARC), or user manuals (CAMERA, BADRS) with some or little editing. Respective authors will see their hands in this manual. To them, and to numerous users who commented on the old observing manual, I extend my thanks. This observing manual reflects the collective wisdom and experience of the CSO staff and visitors.

Hopefully, you'll find this revision an improvement over the last. I certainly welcome your suggestions, comments, and criticism.

Ruisheng Peng
January 18, 2002

Ruisheng Peng 2002-01-18