Logging onto Antenna Computer


Remote Login

To login to the antenna computer over the network, you have to use a secure shell (SSH2) client. For example, to login from kilauea (Linux workstation in the control room), type:

kilauea% ssh -l cso
cso's password: ******
Authentication successful.

where cso is the user name for general use of the antenna computer. A password of the week can be found in the control room. If it is missing, please ask me.

Note that only the SSH version 2.0 protocol is supported. Connections using SSH version 1.x only clients (e.g., FISH on alpha1) will fail. Also, the host you are trying to connect from must be known by the antenna computer. Among the computers on the summit network, kilauea, puuoo, and ahi (Windows PC) have a SSH2 client, and are trusted by the antenna computer.

Console Login

The antenna computer's debug port (i.e., the console port) is connected to the port 9 of the Lantronix terminal server. To establish a connection, type:

kilauea% telnet 2009
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

user name:root

Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc.    LynxOS 3.0.1-FCS        Version: 110298-G


To disconnect, type:

hau# exit

user name:^]
telnet> quit
Connection closed.