Release Notes for New User Interface Program

H. Yoshida
Caltech Submillimeter Observatory

1  About This Release

This is the first release of the User Interface Program (UIP) which runs on Unix/Linux platforms.

2  Syntactic Differences

Compared to the original UIP, the following syntactic differences exist:

3  New Features

The following new features are available in this release:

4  New Commands

The following commands are new in this release:

5  Commands with Major Changes

The following commands have major changes in their interface and functionality compared to the corresponding ones in the original UIP:

6  Features Not Available

The following feature is not available in this release:

7  Commands Not Available

The following commands are not available in this release:

8  System and User Configuration/Data Files

9  Catalogs

10  Ephemerides

11  Log Files

12  UIP Related Services

TCP port numbers of the various UIP related services (e.g., UIP daemon) are unchanged. Only the server address needs to be changed from to

A  References

B  Revision History

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