CSOLOGO1 CSOLOGO2CSO joined the Ninth Annual AstroDay 2010.   

   CSO joined the ninth annual AstroDay 2010 on the May 1st at the Prince Kuhio Plaza.   This year, we had  two projects at the CSO booth:  (1) Art project to make your own CSO rocket and (2) Radio telescope demonstration to understand how light or radio wave coming from the Universe is caught by a telescope.  Kids and families who did our activities gained the four different CSO trading cards, as part of the 56 trading cards that Mauna Kea Observatories Outreach Committee (MKOOC) created, led by Kumiko Usuda at the Subaru Telescope.  We also showed a short observatory video , which was prepared for the 100 hours of Astronomy event in 2009, at the booth. 

  The radio telescope, 1.2-m diameter parabolic radio dish, was donated by the Oceanic Time Warner Cable in Hilo.  We are grateful for their warm hearted donation and their support for our public educational outreach efforts.  CSO staff members, Diana, Steve, Ruisheng, Hiro, Allen, Walter, Richard, and Hiroko participated the exciting day at the CSO booth. 

Figure 1. Overview of the CSO booth.  Diana is helping kids/families to create their CSO rockets.  Steve is explaining the radio dish demonstration to kids.  Walter is  explaining our posters to families. 

Figure 2.  A table for the CSO art project to make your own CSO rockets.   (Photo courtesy of Walter Steiger.)

Figure 3. Kids and families are making their own CSO rockets. Hiro is helping them to make their own rockets. 

Figure 4.  She is showing her own CSO rocket.  This is the first rocket made at  the CSO booth this year! 

Figure 5. Steve and Ruisheng are explaining kids how a radio telescope collects radio wave from the Universe.

Figure 6. More people join the demonstration of the radio telescope. 

Figure 7. Allen is helping young kids to try out the radio telescope demonstration. 

Figure 8. A young kid is trying out the experiment with Atten.

Figure 9.  A girl smiling with her own CSO rocket.

Figure 10.  Richard is talking about astronomy at the CSO to participants of the day.

Figure 11.  Ruisheng is talking a kid at the CSO booth.

Figure 12.   Another happy smiles with their own CSO rockets decorated so beautifully.  Thank you for stopping by at the CSO booth!   

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