CSOLOGO1 CSOLOGO2A Summer Camp Day of Project Hawaii for Kids with the CSO.   

   Summer camp of Project Hawaii program is offered free of charge to homeless and poverty stricken children between the ages of 3-7 on the Big Island of Hawaii. This summer, a few activities of the summer camp was held on the grass of a garden of 'Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii on the 12th of July 2011.  Diana Bisel at the CSO led her art project to create CSO rockets at the camp.  About thirty kids participated the program of the day.   With help from seven volunteers that include Ryan Bisel and Jordan Kamimura at Hilo High School, children made their own CSO rockets with their creative designs.  Following pictures show how much fun kids had with  their rockets.  At the end of the project, kids received the coins from the Mauna Kea Coin Contest 2011.  All kids had fun and enjoyed the day. 

Figure 1. Kids started creating their own CSO rockets on the grass at 'Imiloa. 

Figure 2. Diana is helping kids to finish their rockets.

Figure 3. Ryan and Jordan are helping kids to creaate their rockets. 

Figure 4. Kids are trying to find right stickers for their design of the rockets.

Figure 5. Happy smile with his pink rocket.  Good job!

Figure 6.  Another happy smile with her blue rocket with colorful streamers.

Figure 7. Kids surely want to launch their rockets into the  space! 

Figure 8.  Kids  enjoy running with their rockets in the garden! 

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