CSOLOGO1 CSOLOGO2CSO Participated the Onizuka Science Day 2012

  Onizuka Science Day was held on the 28nd of January 2012.  At the CSO booth, we had a parabolic dish demonstration to show how a telescope collect radiation from distant astronomical objects and CSO's Mauna Kea astronomy trading cards that kids can collect.  For the small parabolic dish demonstration, by dropping a ping-pong ball down on the good surface of the parabolic dish which sat against the gravity, people learn the ball is always bounced up at the focus position.  For the parabolic dish demonstration, we used the 1.2 m parabolic dish donated by Oceanic Time Warner Cable located in Hilo in 2006.  We are so grateful for their warm hearted donation and their support for our public educational outreach efforts.   This year, Simon Radford and Hiroko Shinnaga participated the Onizuka Science Day from the CSO. 

Figure 1. Hiroko and Simon are encouraging a young kid and Hollyn Johnson from Tribune Herald to try out our radio dish
demonstration  (photo credit: Tomomi Tsukano at NAOJ). 

Figure 2.  Simon is with young kids to explain how a telescope collect light/radio wave at the CSO booth 
(photo credit: Akiko Kato at National Institute for Fusion Science in Japan). 


Figure 3.  Hiroko is explaining how a star end their life using Mauna Kea astronomy trading cards  (photo credit:
Akiko Kato at National Institute for Fusion Science in Japan).

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