.............YEAR 2002..............

CSO display at Astroday, April, 2002.  Astroday is a new annual event being created by the Mauna Kea observatories to touch the public in a grassroots way.   This CSO display was at the Prince Kuhio Mall in Hilo along with displays from all the other observatories.  Walter Steiger's web-based presentation on the Origins of Astronomy in Hawaii is shown on the computer.   A copy of the general audience poster developed by the CSO is on the right.  The production of this professional quality poster was made using a CSO engineering workstation and printed out the the CSO engineering plotter.  Its production is an example of how the CSO  can efficiently leverage its in-house scientific and engineering resources for outreach to the general public.

Material being to added to the history of radio astronomy

Walter Steiger is collecting pictures from the development of the CSO and is generating a history of the CSO.  The photos are being digitized so they can be used as raw material for web based presentations, or adapted to poster based presentations.  This display material will do much toward showing the public what goes into the development of a large scientific instrument such as the Leighton Telescope.   Target audiences will include school children, college students, and the general public.

Talks and Media

April,  2002:    A new CSO informational brochure was produced for handing out to the general public.

May 3, 2002:  Sunil Golwala of Caltech published an article on BOLOCAM in the local Hawaii  newspapers.

May 4, 2002:  Sunil Golwala spoke at the Onizuka Visitor's Information Center (VIS).

May 31, 2002:  CSO staff member presents the topic of submillimeter radio astronomy on the Community Forum show of the local radio station KPUA, 670 AM.


June, 2002:  We updated our display at the Lyman House Museum.

The CSO poster, brochures, and the model of the CSO on display at the Lyman House Museum in Hilo, HI.  (The computer monitor in the foreground is part of a Gemini Observatory display contribution.)

Electrical engineering students from the University of Michigan Radiation Laboratory tour the CSO. (Professor Rebeiz is the third from the left.) June, 2002.

November, 2002:  CSO hosts summit visit of University of Hawaii, Manoa, Undersea Research Laboratory group.