............. YEAR 2003..............

 CSO staff at Astroday,  Hilo's Prince Kuhio Mall, May, 2003.  13,000 visitors, mostly island residents, were attracted to this one day event.
                                                                          (Photos: on left courtesy of Richard Crowe.  On right, courtesy of  Gary Fujihara.  Photo on right is slightly retouched.)

March, 2003:  CSO presentation to Waikea Elementary school students.

Summer 2003 Summer intern was Kimo Unten, a student at the University of Texas at Austin, in the Civil Engineering program. Kimo designed the automated 3rd mirror cell mover system which is currently in use. Kimo graduated from UT in 2004 and temporarily worked as a Health Physicist for the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory at UT until he found a position as a Civil Engineer with a firm in Honolulu.

June 22, 2003:  Stars Over Mauna Kea, a tabloid newspaper insert was prepared by the Hawaii Tribune-Herald, containing articles prepared by every observatory on Mauna Kea, including one on CSO. (Extra copies available on request).

January - May, 2003:  CSO staff member taught Physics 331 (Junior Level Optics) at the University of Hawaii, Hilo.

June 8, 2003: A Hilo High School science class visited CSO and received a presentation by Senior Electronics Engineer Melanie Leong on the history of Radio Astronomy which included a demonstration of radio noise produced by an electrical spark.

July 4, 2003: CSO Staff Senior Electronics Engineer Melanie Leong made a presentation at the Onizuka Visitor Information Station (VIS) in a talk entitled "Radio to Radio Astronomy"