.............YEARS 2000,2001..............

Student outreach
The CSO staff mentored  3 students from the UH Hilo Upward Bound   program over 6 weeks in June/July 2000.   Over this period the CSO staff worked to acquaint the students with applications from trigonometry; the relationship between time and frequency domain when working with wave phenomena; simple optics including Snell's Law  and light collecting and imaging systems using simple lenses and parabolic mirrors; basic earth and celestial coordinate systems; and an introduction to spherical trigonometry with applications in celestial navigation.

CSO staff member with Upward Bound students.

Special CSO tours for community groups

November 8, 2000:    The CSO hosted a visit from 16 members of `Ainahau O Kaleponi Hawaiian Civic Club.  Assisting in hosting the tour were staff from the CSO ( Richard Chamberlin, Walter Steiger), and Kumu Hula Aulii Mitchell of Halau O Kahiwahiwa.

Some of the members of `Ainahau O Kaleponi Hawaiian Civic Club visiting the CSO.

November 19, 2000:  Hosted a visit by about 20 members from the UH Hilo Astronomy Club.

February 16, 2001:  Hosted a visit by about 15 members of the Polynesian Voyaging Society.

July 25, 2001:  Hosted a visit from about 15  senior citizens from the Center for Independent Living in Hilo, HI.

Development at the Onizuka Visitor's Information Center (VIS)

Walter Steiger created a new CSO exhibit poster for use at the VIS.  A powerpoint version of the poster can be downloaded.

New CSO outreach poster installed at the VIS.

Martin Houde wrote an article on the CSO and  the astronomical significance of its research on Giant Molecular Clouds for the May 4, 2001 edition of the Hilo Tribune Herald.


Representing the CSO, Walter Steiger gave a talk on the  history of modern astronomy in Hawaii at the Onizuka Visitor's Information Center on May 5.

Outreach Committees

The CSO sends a representative to the VIS exhibits committee and the Mauna Kea Observatory Outreach Committee.   Each Committee meets once per month.

Web based presentations  (added 12 Oct 2001)

Night and Day, by Walter Steiger and George Bunton

The origins of Astronomy in Hawai'i, by Walter Steiger

A new, narrated version of  "The origins of Astronomy in Hawai'i" was produced in Oct/Nov 2001.
The new version will be released as a computer based exhibit for the VIS and for other forums.