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 +====== FTS Holography ======
 +RAC, 16-May-2001
 +1.  Log into alpha1.
 +    FTSRUN> ​ wlf     ( you should see a clean white light fringe)
 +2.  On alpha1, open a new window
 +    UIP
 +    UIP> ​ POINT FTS_HOLO ​   (load the FTS pointing file)
 +3.  Back in FTSRUN
 +    FTSRUN> ​ HCM      ( holography, complete map)
 +       ​accept all the parameter defaults for stage travel, speed, filter, etc.
 +       do a 15x15 map
 +       name the data file  yymmddxx.dat ​ where yy is the year, mm the month
 +       dd the day and xx =01 for the first map, 02 for the second, etc.
 +          eg.  01051701.DAT
 +4.  When map is done, start a new one with a new file name.
 +5.  Reduce the map you just made.
 +    a.  log onto Poliahu
 +    b.  SET DEF [FTS.ALPHA]
 +         ​FTSANA>​ M
 +           enter the file name you just made, eg 01051701.DAT
 +            FTSANA does some processing and then asks
 +             if you want the processing to be automatic. ​ Yes you do.
 +    d.  After FTSANA is done a processed file is written to
 +         ​[SERABYN.HOLO] with a .SKY extension
 +    e.  To see the map in a new window on Poliahu:
 +        RUN MAP
 +          MAP> ​ INP   ​(input file name)
 +                01051701.SKY
 +                select a frequency range. ​  The peak response
 +                of the instrument is around 450GHz if you are
 +                using the 560LP filter on the bolometer and the 20" cone in
 +                bolometer. ​  ​However,​ if the sky is bad, try around 350GHz
 +                and you might get better s/n.
 +          MAP> CEN      (fit out pointing offset)
 +          MAP> INP      (reload input file)
 +          MAP> SHI      (based on result from CEN)
 +          MAP> FIT      (fit out 2nd parameters)
 +                ​
 +          MAP> PLO      (plot out the phase and power on the sky)
 +          MAP> FOUR     ​(fourier transform to the aperture plane)
 +          MAP> FIT      (fit out gradients due to pointing; ​
 +                                      and subreflector x, y,  focus)
 +          MAP> PLO      (plot out the phase and power in the aperture plane)
 +          ​
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