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 +==== General observing strategy ====
 +In order to obtain data with accurate flux and pointing calibration,​ the following general strategy should be followed:
 +  - An IQ sweep of the resonators should be performed once per hour while tracking a source and whenever a new source is acquired.
 +  - Twice per night, a bright calibrator should be observed with ''​**@ MUSIC_201410_beammap**''​. This script takes about 25 minutes to complete. The current calibrators,​ in order of preference, are: Uranus, G34.3, and Neptune.
 +  - If your science field is at a declination that is significantly different from the flux calibrator (more than ~10°), then it is recommended that you observe a bright source with similar declination to your science field once per night. This source should be observed with ''​**@ MUSIC_201411_lissajous_obs 2**'',​ which takes about 30 minutes to complete. ​
 +  - Sources should not be observed at ZA < 15°, as the CSO cannot maintain the required scan velocity that close to the zenith.
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