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 +====== Shipping ======
 +CSO visitors are responsible for shipping their own items to and from the CSO telescope. ​
 +Upon prior arrangement with the CSO manager, CSO staff //may// be able to transport moderate sized, ​
 +non hazardous material from the Hilo office to the telescope.
 +For return shipments, airbills and any other necessary paperwork
 +must be completed and signed before departing CSO. 
 +Please complete the CSO {{cso_shipping_form.pdf|shipping form}}
 +and email or fax it to Diana as soon as possible. ​
 +== Return shipments ==
 +  - Pack and label all your boxes
 +  - Have a description of the contents and approximate weight and dimensions of each piece
 +  - Complete and sign an airbill for the carrier you will use \\ The "​shipping"​ binder at the HP office contains FedEx, UPS, and Lynden airbills
 +  - If the boxes need transportation to the Hilo office, notify the day crew
 +  - Fax or email CSO shipping form (see above) to Diana
 +  - Confirm the pick up  date and address with your freight carrier \\ [[contacts|CSO office]] address
 +  - Confirm all shipping details with Diana before you depart
 +== Hazardous materials ==
 + Does your shipment contain materials such as compressed helium gas or other chemicals or gases?
 +If so, it is **essential** to consult with your safety office and shipping department and to let them know what you 
 +are shipping.  ​
 +They can advise you about the necessary procedures for proper compliance with laws and regulations.
 +It may be necessary for someone from your organization to be formally trained and certified in shipping hazardous materials.
 +Failure to comply may result in legal action.
 +It is also **essential** to contact the CSO manager well in advance of any such shipment.
 +== Dry Ice ==
 +FedEx and UPS will accept shipments with dry ice. On your box, note the amount of dry ice along with the description of the contents.
 +Mark the 'dry ice' box on a regular FedEx airbill. FedEx will put a dry ice label on the box.
 +If there is less than 5 lbs of dry ice, a dangerous goods form is not required.
 +===== Companies =====
 +This list is for the convenience of visitors and does not constitute any endorsement by Caltech.
 +== FedEx and UPS ==
 +for items up to 150 lbs
 +== Lynden International Air Freight ==
 +for items over 150 lbs \\
 +CSO's local rep: Lisa Ann Williams <​lisaw@lynden.com>,​ 808 871-7131 \\
 +Main office: 800 352 3731
 +== Conen Freight ==
 +for transport freight from the airport to the telescope\\
 +60 Kuhio St, Hilo HI \\
 +808 969 9341,  fax:  808 934 0100
 +== Airgas Gaspro ==
 +Sells dry ice and provides necessary hazardous material forms\\
 +Take a cooler to Airgas to hold the dry ice\\
 +525 Kalanianaole Ave, Hilo  935 3341 \\
 +73-5620 Kauhola St. Unit 7, Kona  329-7393 (close to Costco)
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