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 +====== Remote Observations ======
 +Unattended remote observing with the CSO is permitted under the following conditions:
 +  * Prior approval is obtained from the CSO Manager, Simon Radford <​sradford@caltech.edu>​. Usually remote observations are prescheduled. ​
 +  * Remote observing is permitted if and only if the weather is good and the forecast is stable. The CSO Manager will make a weather determination each night prior to the start of observations. Inclement weather that precludes remote observing includes, but is not limited to: 
 +    * High optical depth, //​τ//<​sub>​225 GHz</​sub>​ > 0.25 (soft limit),
 +    * Relative humidity > 60% outside,
 +    * High winds: sustained > 30 mph at JCMT, or
 +    * Thunderstorms,​ snow, ice, fog, or rain.
 +  * Remote observing shall not commence, and the shutter shall not be opened, until one hour after sunset. By this time most, and we hope all, summit tourists have departed. ​
 +  * Remote observing shall cease, and the shutter shall be closed, before sunrise. During the hour before sunrise, the target must be in the west. 
 +    * For sunset and sunrise times, refer to the [[http://​aa.usno.navy.mil/​data/​docs/​RS_OneDay.php|USNO]] or [[http://​www.esrl.noaa.gov/​gmd/​grad/​solcalc|NOAA]] calculators or to the [[http://​www.eao.hawaii.edu/​weather|EAO Weather]] page.
 +  * The two person rule still applies. If anyone goes to the telescope for any reason, for instance to clear a hardware problem, then a second person must also go along.
 +Remote observations are supported only with the 230/460 GHz sidecab receiver, with Sharc II and Sharp, with Zspec, and with Music. Support for other instruments,​ if possible, is experimental. ​
 +Hardware changes are only possible during the day when the technicians are at the telescope. Please request any hardware changes no later than 15 HST.
 +In case of problems during observations,​ CSO staff are available but can provide remote assistance only. In case of an insuperable malfunction,​ observations will cease for the night. ​
 +If you have any questions or suggestions about this policy, please contact the CSO Manager. ​
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