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 +====== Hot Work Procedure ======
 +Contractors and Maintenance projects being performed at the CSO Base Facility or at the Summit site. 
 +**Responsible Party**\\ ​
 +Contractors or Maintenance Personnel performing Hot Work. 
 +**Technical Manager or Day Crew Leader**\\ ​
 +Will issue hot work permits to responsible parties. ​
 +Hot Work permits shall be obtained before commencement of any operations involving metal burning, cutting, welding, brazing, and/or any procedure that produces sparks and heat. The applicable regulations currently in effect shall be followed. For all hot work, without exception, the General Contractor or Maintenance Employee shall: ​
 +    - Obtain hot work permit.
 +    - Clear the area of any combustible materials.
 +    - Have a fire extinguisher standing by.
 +    - Inspect the area for fire after hot work for has been performed.
 +    - Re-inspect the area at least one hour after the hot work has been completed for any signs of fire or the potential of fire.
 +**Completion**\\ ​
 +When the hot work final inspection is completed, the responsible party shall return a signed Hot Work Permit to the Issuer.
 +R. A. Chamberlin, Manager\\
 +2005 June 29\\
 +(Adapted from CIT campus procedures.)
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