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 +====== CSO Optics ======
 +Caltech Professors Robert Leighton and Tom Phillips measuring panel curvature. (Photo circa 1981.)
 +The CSO telescope was designed by Caltech Prof. Robert Leighton. In all, seven of these Leighton antennas were built. They were fabricated in the  Synchrotron Laboratory on the Caltech campus. This building, originally used for figuring and polishing the mirror of the Palomar 5 m telescope, has a stable temperature environment. The fourth antenna produced was erected on Mauna Kea at the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory. The other six antennas were used in the Owens Valley Millimeter Array and are now incorporated in [[http://​www.mmarray.org|CARMA]].
 +=== Drawings ===
 +CSO optical design ({{cso-optics.dwg|Autocad R14}}, {{cso-optics.jpg?​linkonly|jpg}})
 +CSO Panel heater design, partly implemented ({{panel-heater.pdf|pdf}}) ​
 +=== References ===
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