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 +====== Secondary mirror ======
 +The CSO has a wobbling (chopping) secondary mirror to switch the beam back and forth during observations of compact sources. ​
 +The secondary controller combines an digital servo loop with an automatic tuning algorithm. ​
 +The mirror position is displayed in a window on the remote observing desktop. ​
 +==== UIP commands ====
 +To start the secondary wobbler, \\ ''​__UIP__>​ **secondary //throw// //​frequency//​** ''​
 +  * //throw// is the the beam separation [arcsec]. ​
 +  * For the switching //​frequency//​ [Hz], avoid 1.00 Hz or integer submultiples. Use an odd value instead, such as 0.491 Hz.
 +  * Tune the secondary mirror wobbler while the telescope is either stationary or sidereal tracking, i. e., not slewing.
 +To stop the secondary wobbler, \\ ''​__UIP__>​ **secondary /stop ** ''​
 +==== Reference ====
 +**Controlling a telescope chopping secondary mirror assembly using a signal deconvolution technique ** \\ Houde, M., Holt, L. C., Yoshida, H., Nelson, P. M. \\ 2003 Rev. Sci. Instr. 74, 3802 [[http://​adsabs.harvard.edu/​abs/​2003RScI...74.3802H|ADS]]
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