Rebooting Antenna Computer


Boot-Time Clock Synchronization

When you reboot the antenna computer, watch any NTP (network time protocol) related messages that might appear right after the line "Resetting system clock." If the message "no server suitable for synchronization found" shows, check the front panel of the antenna computer. If the time shown on one of the timing modules (the right one, marked as WWV) differs by more than one second from the real WWV clock, you have to reboot the computer again. (This could happen even after successful synchronization with NTP.)

The messages like the following are usually not good:

Resetting system clock
Jan 25 15:45:54 hau ntpdate[49]: sendto( Host is unreachable
Jan 25 15:46:03 hau ntpdate[49]: sendto( Host is unreachable
Jan 25 15:46:04 hau ntpdate[49]: sendto( Host is unreachable
Jan 25 15:46:04 hau ntpdate[49]: sendto( Host is unreachable
Jan 25 15:46:14 hau ntpdate[49]: no server suitable for synchronization found
Resetting bc635VME clocks

Since the AOS backend computer does not require precise time for its normal operation, warning messages similar to above can safely be ignored.


The best way to reboot the antenna computer and the AOS backend computer is to do so by software from the system console. Login from the console as either root or cso and issue the /usr/local/sbin/reboot command with -aN options:

hau# /usr/local/sbin/reboot -aN

Copyright Motorola Inc. 1988 - 1997, All Rights Reserved

PPC1 Debugger/Diagnostics Release Version 3.5 - 01/30/98 RM01
COLD Start

Local Memory Found =02000000 (&33554432)

MPU Clock Speed =300Mhz

BUS Clock Speed =67Mhz

Reset Vector Location  : ROM Bank A
Mezzanine Configuration: Single-MPU
Current 60X-Bus Master : MPU0
Idle MPU(s)            : NONE

System Memory: 32MB, ECC Enabled (ECC-Memory Detected)
L2Cache:       NONE

SelfTest/Boots about to Begin... Press <BREAK> at anytime to Abort ALL

AutoBoot about to Begin... Press <ESC> to Bypass, <SPC> to Continue
Booting from: NCR53C825, Controller 10, Drive 0
Device Name : /pci@80000000/pci1000,3@10,0/harddisk@0,0
Loading: Operating System

IPL Loaded at: $01F62000
Residual-Data Located at: $01F78000

LynxOS Preboot 3.0.1 build 110298-G
Copyright (C) 1987-1998 Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc.
Command? <b s0b /lynx.os>[RETURN]
Universe Driver Installed
LynxOS POWERPC Version 3.0.1
Motorola PowerPlus board support package
with Enhanced PCI services!
Copyright 1998 Lynx Real-Time Systems Inc.
All rights reserved.

LynxOS (ppc) created Tue Aug 14 09:32:30 HST 2001

LynxOS Startup:  a

Date set to  Tue Nov 13 14:04:37 HST 2001
Checking /dev/sd0c Filesystem Ok
Checking /dev/sd0d Filesystem Ok
Checking /dev/sd0b Filesystem Ok

mounting all filesystems
/dev/sd0c on /usr/local rw  
/dev/sd0d on /var rw  
Running /bin/ifconfig
dec0 : Successful link on media MII, 100 Mbit Full duplex
add net gateway hau
Network interface configured
Running /bin/syslogd
Running /net/inetd
Running /usr/local/sbin/portmap
Running /net/mountd
exporting directories for remote mount
Running /bin/exportfs
exported: /var/plog ro,access=ua:allegro:fibre
exported: /usr/local rw=ua,root=ua,access=ua
Running /net/nfsd
Resetting system clock
Resetting bc635VME clocks
Installing DLDDs
/usr/local/cso/sys/drivers/bc635drvr 36
bc635info00 c 60 0
bc635info10 c 61 0
/usr/local/cso/sys/drivers/ip488drvr 37
ip488info0 c 62 0
/usr/local/cso/sys/drivers/ipudedrvr 38
ipudeinfo10 c 63 0
/usr/local/cso/sys/drivers/npldrvr 39
nplinfo0 c 64 0
/usr/local/cso/sys/drivers/tip500drvr 40
tip500info00 c 65 0
/usr/local/cso/sys/drivers/tip551drvr 41
tip551info00 c 66 0
/usr/local/cso/sys/drivers/tip605drvr 42
tip605info00 c 67 0
/usr/local/cso/sys/drivers/tip700drvr 43
tip700info00 c 68 0
/usr/local/cso/sys/drivers/tip866drvr 44
tip866info0 c 69 0
/usr/local/cso/sys/drivers/atcdrvr 45
atcinfo0 c 70 0
Starting Network Time Protocol daemon
Starting clock monitor
Starting Secure Shell daemon
sshd: SSH Secure Shell 3.1.0 (non-commercial version) on powerpc-lynx-lynxos
sshd[97]: WARNING: Host key pair is not specified, trying to use default 'hostkey'.

user name:


If the antenna computer does not allow you to login, you have no choice but to reset the system to boot it up again. Even so, it is recommended that you make a connection to the console line first, so that you can monitor boot-time messages.

Rebooting this way may take a few minutes because the file system may need to be repaired.