Local Information for Visiting Observers and CSO Staff

The following links are accessible only from local domain (submm.caltech.edu, which inculde the Submm Group on Caltech campus as well), as the information is of little interests to any one other than visiting astronomers and local staff.


Operating the CSO : User cookbook
Observing Report : File your observing report form at the completion of the run.

CSO Trouble Shooting Guide (last update: Feb. 28, 2008)
CSO Mini How-To Page (last update: June 27, 2001)
CSO Observer Information

Bolocam Support Contacts

Telescope Control System Documentation (last update: March 3, 2008)
New Chopper Controller (last update: March 4, 2004)
Useful Utilities at CSO (last update: May 3, 2001)
AOS (50 MHz) Tuning Guide (last update: Feb. 3, 2005)

Emergency Procedure: Power Outage
Trouble Shooting Page for Local Engineering Staff

CSO Documentation: Technical Memos, etc.
CSO Technical Memos(Last updated on December 2006)

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