New User Interface Program (UIP)


10/03/2011 The FFTS2 can be used with the 1-2 GHz IF receivers.
09/30/2011 The DSOS control software has been upgraded to version SEP11. There is no observer-visible changes. It is now able to deform the dish using Zernike polynomials for engineering purposes.
09/22/2011 FTS holography measurements using a new Linux data acquisition computer was successful!
09/15/2011 The /JPL_HORIZONS option of the UIP's PLANET command has been fixed. It was broken due to a change on the JPL end.
09/07/2011 System update - updated the observatory default GILDAS to apr11h. This fixed the NEW command bug in CLASS.
08/23/2011 System update - now the UIP runs on the 64-bit Linux. This change should be mostly transparent to observers. Some minor issues in the GILDAS package compiled by gfortran have been found and reported to the developers, however. Specifically, in CLASS, newly arrived scans via the NEW command can not be read by the GET command, unless the data file is reopened by the FILE IN command. Alternatively, the data can be read and processed normally from Lapakahi, which will keep to run the 32-bit GILDAS compiled by g95 until the issue is resolved.
08/23/2011 The FFTS1 header format has been changed. Now the RCHAN is "virtual" and points to where RESTF, IMAGE, and VOFF should be.
08/15/2011 The DSOS control software has been upgraded to version AUG11. It adds DSOS power supply control and monitoring capability as well as a way to adjust the position of each panel on the fly for OOF holography test measurements. The new software is already in user visitor's command search path. To program and turn on the PSUs, first manually turn on the main switches on the left side of each PSU, then use the DSOSpower program to activate them. To shut down the PSUs, run the DSOSpower command, wait for the PSUs to go standby, then manually turn off the main switches.