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 +===== Shutdown =====
 +==== Hand Off to Another Observer ====
 +If you are remote observing and someone else is taking over:
 +  - Contact the next observers to verify they are ready to observe. ​
 +  - Save the observing log.
 +    * Exit from ooffice if necessary. ​
 +  - Verify the new observers have control of the telescope and the transition went smoothly.
 +  - Disconnect from the vnc desktops.
 +==== After observing ====
 +  - Close the shutter, stow the telescope, turn off the DSOS, etc. Following these [[cso:​observing:​operating#​after_observing|instructions]].
 +    * When remote observing, close the shutter before sunrise.
 +  - Stop the telescope scanning.
 +    * In the UIP xterm, \\ ''​__uip__>​ **sweep /​stop**''​
 +  - Stop data acquisition. In the //Music DAQ// desktop,
 +    - Click the "Stop Data Acquisition"​ button on the Music gui.  ​
 +    - Exit the Music gui, \\ ''​** File / Exit**''​
 +    - Exit Matlab, \\ ''​** File / Exit**''​
 +  - Stop the connection between the DAQ and telescope. ​
 +    * In the allegro xterm on the //MUSIC control// desktop, \\ ''​allegro$ **kill_tel_util_music**'' ​
 +    * Then close the two xterms in the upper left of the desktop.
 +  - Start a new fridge cycle. The cycle takes about 9 hours to complete. A delay can be set, but is not usually necessary.  ​
 +    - Connect to the remote desktop on the fridge control computer. \\ ''​**csordp.pl -l bolocam submm@burnside.submm.caltech.edu **''​
 +      * External connections must be tunneled through ssh. 
 +      * The {{cso:​observing:​csordp.pl}} script is recommended for managing the connections. ​
 +      * Further [[cso:​observing:​ssh_rdp|instructions]] discuss details.
 +      * Consult the staff for the necessary passwords. ​
 +    - Stop the temperature monitoring vi and exit from LabView. ​
 +    - Reopen the vi by clicking the "​MKIDCam_fridge_201307.vi"​ link on the Desktop and start it by pressing the white arrow. ​
 +    - Select the 'PT Control and Chase Fridge Cycle' tab. 
 +    - Set the cycle delay in hours if you want a delay, or set to zero. 
 +    - Press the button to start the fridge cycle at the specified delay time. Leave the button pressed on. The green square that says 'cycle enabled'​ should light up bright after a few seconds.
 +    - Before exiting from remote desktop, switch over to the '​Temperature Plots' tab so the thermometry will be viewable on the website.
 +  - Stow the telescope at 35° ZA so the cryostat is upright for cycling, \\ ''​__UIP__>​ **stow /za 35**'' ​
 +  - Close the automated analysis xterms in the //MUSIC quicklook// desktop. ​
 +    * Type ''​**q**''​ in each of the six xterms and wait for the IDL prompt to return. ​
 +    * Then kill each xterm.
 +  - Perform a backup of the data. From the command prompt on lyre issue the command: \\ ''​__lyre__>​**/​data/​raw/​backup_raw_data.csh YYYYMM YYYYMMDD**''​ \\ where the first argument YYYYMM is the name of the current observing run and YYYYMMDD is the UT date for the recently completed night. This backup will take a significant amount of time (hours), so you should not wait for it to complete.
 +  - Disconnect from the vnc desktops. ​
 +  - At the telescope, follow the [[cso:​observing:​operating#​after_observing|instructions]] and leave the computers ready and the control room tidy for the next observers.
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