Hand Off to Another Observer

If you are remote observing and someone else is taking over:

  1. Contact the next observers to verify they are ready to observe.
  2. Save the observing log.
    • Exit from ooffice if necessary.
  3. Verify the new observers have control of the telescope and the transition went smoothly.
  4. Disconnect from the vnc desktops.

After observing

  1. Close the shutter, stow the telescope, turn off the DSOS, etc. Following these instructions.
    • When remote observing, close the shutter before sunrise.
  2. Stop the telescope scanning.
    • In the UIP xterm,
      uip> sweep /stop
  3. Stop data acquisition. In the Music DAQ desktop,
    1. Click the “Stop Data Acquisition” button on the Music gui.
    2. Exit the Music gui,
      File / Exit
    3. Exit Matlab,
      File / Exit
  4. Stop the connection between the DAQ and telescope.
    • In the allegro xterm on the MUSIC control desktop,
      allegro$ kill_tel_util_music
    • Then close the two xterms in the upper left of the desktop.
  5. Start a new fridge cycle. The cycle takes about 9 hours to complete. A delay can be set, but is not usually necessary.
    1. Connect to the remote desktop on the fridge control computer. -l bolocam
      • External connections must be tunneled through ssh.
      • The script is recommended for managing the connections.
      • Further instructions discuss details.
      • Consult the staff for the necessary passwords.
    2. Stop the temperature monitoring vi and exit from LabView.
    3. Reopen the vi by clicking the “” link on the Desktop and start it by pressing the white arrow.
    4. Select the 'PT Control and Chase Fridge Cycle' tab.
    5. Set the cycle delay in hours if you want a delay, or set to zero.
    6. Press the button to start the fridge cycle at the specified delay time. Leave the button pressed on. The green square that says 'cycle enabled' should light up bright after a few seconds.
    7. Before exiting from remote desktop, switch over to the 'Temperature Plots' tab so the thermometry will be viewable on the website.
  6. Stow the telescope at 35° ZA so the cryostat is upright for cycling,
    UIP> stow /za 35
  7. Close the automated analysis xterms in the MUSIC quicklook desktop.
    • Type q in each of the six xterms and wait for the IDL prompt to return.
    • Then kill each xterm.
  8. Perform a backup of the data. From the command prompt on lyre issue the command:
    lyre>/data/raw/backup_raw_data.csh YYYYMM YYYYMMDD
    where the first argument YYYYMM is the name of the current observing run and YYYYMMDD is the UT date for the recently completed night. This backup will take a significant amount of time (hours), so you should not wait for it to complete.
  9. Disconnect from the vnc desktops.
  10. At the telescope, follow the instructions and leave the computers ready and the control room tidy for the next observers.
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