The dome shutter must be opened prior to observing and should be closed to protect the telescope during the day or during inclement weather. Remote observers may open the shutter no earlier than one hour after sunset and should close the shutter one hour before sunrise. Fully opening or closing the shutter takes about 10 min. When operating the shutter, please watch both the antenna status display and the webcambs.

UIP commands

Under normal circumstances, the shutter is operated from the UIP.

  • Open the shutter with:
    UIP> shutter /open NN
    where NN is the (optional) opening percentage. If NN is not specified, the shutter will open completely (95% open).
  • Close the shutter with:
    UIP> shutter /close


Please inform the staff if any of these procedures are necessary.

Controller reset

On occasion, the shutter controller gets confused so the shutter does not operate. If this occurs:

  1. Reset the controller.
    UIP> shutter /reset
  2. Wait a decent interval (several minutes) and attempt operation again.
  3. It may be necessary to restart the antenna computer.
    UIP> antenna /restart

Manual operation

If resetting the controller does not help, the shutter may be closed manually.

Control room

On the control panel in the control room, push the black Close button, indicated in orange in the photo. This button is just right of the red Stop button. The value on the numerical LED display should decrease. The shutter drive will stop when the shutter is fully closed.


Machine shop

In the machine shop, locate the shutter control panel on the far wall.

  1. Turn the key switch to the Shop position.
  2. Push the Close button.
    The shutter drive will stop when the shutter is fully closed.
  3. Return the key switch to the Control Room position.


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