Instruments at the CSO 

Facility Instruments

  - Heterodyne Receivers ... which covers from 180 GHz up to 950 GHz bands.

  (1) 230GHz band receiver (side cabin) 
(2) 345GHz band receiver (side cabin)
(3) 490GHz band receiver (side cabin)
(4) 690GHz band receiver (side cabin)
(5) 850GHz band receiver
(6) 230GHz wideband receiver (180-300GHz, IF bandwidth of 16GHz)
(7) 345 GHz wideband receiver (280-420GHz, IF bandwidth of 4GHz)

Available backends:
+ 4GHz band width AOS (2048 channels per 1GHz)
+ 1GHz band width AOS (2048 channels)
+ 1GHz band width FFTS (8192 channels)
+ 500 MHz band width FFTS (8192 channels)
+ 8GHz band width FFTS (8192 channels per 2GHz)

  - SHARCII (second generation Submillimeter High Angular Resolution Camera) ... 384 pixels  submillimeter (350/450/850 micron) bolometer array.  One can analyze SHARCII data using  CRUSH

  - Bolocam ... 115 working pixels (8 arcminutes field of view) millimeter (1.1/2.1mm) bolometer array.

  - Dish Surface Optimization System.

 PI Instruments

- Z SPEC ... 190 -- 310 GHz broadband spectrometer (JPL, Caltech, U. Colorado, Cardiff U., CEA France, ISAS Japan).

- The Redshift (z) and Early Universe Spectrometer (ZEUS) ... 650 and 850 GHz grating spectrometer (Cornell U., JPL). 

- SHARCII Polarimeter (SHARP) ... Polarimeter for 350 and 450 micron bands (Northwestern University, JPL, Caltech, U. Western Ontario(Canada), Harvard-Smithsonian CfA). 

 - Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors (MKIDs) prototype  ... 16 pixels millimeter/submillimeter (750/850/1000/1400 micron) array (JPL, Caltech, U. Colorado). 

last updated on 2011-10-23

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