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Recent Updates

The UIP interface was upgraded in August 2009. WE HAVE NOT SYSTEMATICALLY UPDATED OUR DOCUMENTATION TO REFLECT THESE CHANGES. Documentation for the new UIP syntax can be found here: New UIP.

Starting in September 2010, the noise in several narrow pickup lines increased substantially. A brief summary of this noise is given here: pdf. THESE PICKUP LINES ARE GENERALLY OUTSIDE OF THE SIGNAL BAND, AND THEREFORE HAVE LITTLE EFFECT ON THE SENSITIVITY OF BOLOCAM. We anticipate that the problem will be fixed in spring 2011. When processing any data with these pickup lines, should be listed first in all module_files used for processing. An alpha version of this module is available in the svn archive.

Quick Links

The main CSO page.

The CSO online observing manual.

The always useful Bolocam observing log template: ps, pdf.

The fridge monitoring snapshot page.

Mailing List

As of March, 2004, we have started a mailing list for Bolocam proposers/users who would like to be notified of major web page updates, especially with regard to sensitivity calculations and analysis software.  Please contact the Bolocam support person if you would like to be added to this list.

Revision History

Questions or comments? Contact the Bolocam support person.