Heterodyne mapping is done by offset pointing the telescope. Especially for larger maps, OTF mapping is more efficient for larger maps because a common reference position is used for all the cells in each row.

UIP commands

  1. Point by point mapping using position switching with a specified reference position. This example uses looping commands to make a 3 x 3 map in equatorial coordinates with 15 arcsec spacing.
    uip> for i 1 to 3
    uip>   rao /map (i-2)*15
    uip>   for j 1 to 3
    uip>    deco /map (j-2)*15
    uip>    oo_scan N /designated_off
    uip>   next
    uip> next
    • At each map position, the telescope will move asymmetrically
      OFF ON
    • N is the number of repetitions of this pattern.
    • The reference position must be specified in the source catalog as target:off_position.
  2. Same example but without the looping commands.
    uip> rao /map -15
    uip> deco /map -15
    uip> oo_scan N /designated_off
    uip> deco /map 0
    uip> oo_scan N /designated_off
    uip> deco /map +15
    uip> oo_scan N /designated_off
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