Optical Pointing Instructions

The camera interface and control computer are on the floor in the alcove next to the coffee maker. Three cables connect to the pointing camera on the telescope. The cables are a little too short. Disconnect them after observing.


  1. Connect the fan (RCA) and camera (DE9) cables to the camera interface box.
  2. Connect the DE15M (HD15M) cable to the computer.
  3. Connect a VGA monitor to the computer.
  4. Turn on the camera box.
  5. Start the computer.
  6. Start camera control program:
  7. Point the telescope at a star.
  8. Take a test image: 5
  9. Display the test image: 9
  10. Switch to computer mode: v


  1. Select optical pointing parameters:
    UIP> pointing optical
  2. Load star catalog:
    UIP> catalog bright_star
  3. Set acquisition tolerance:
    UIP> acq 1 1
  4. Test camera and pointing on a convenient star:
    UIP> optical_pointing starname /exp 2000
  5. Take pointing measurements across the sky:
    UIP> @ point.uip

Data analysis

  • Data file:
  • Convert file for fit:
    CNV, r yyyy-mm-dd.optical, optical, w yyyy-mm-dd.optraw
  • Fit model: POINT, yyyy-mm-dd.optraw
  • Convert files for plots:
    cnv2dat.pl < yyyy-mm-dd.optraw > yyyy-mm-dd.optraw.dat
    cnv2dat.pl < yyyy-mm-dd.optfit > yyyy-mm-dd.optfit.dat
  • Plots:
    GREG> @ cso-pointing-all yyyy-mm-dd.optfit.dat
    GREG> @ cso-pointing-all yyyy-mm-dd.optraw.dat
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