UIP User Guide

This will be the User Guide for the CSO UIP, one day. In the meantime, consult the online help
uip> help

Useful commands

  • Command help
    uip> help command
  • Telescope status
    UIP> status
  • Open a new log
    UIP> log /open newlogname
  • Close the log
    UIP> log /close
    • If you exit UIP abnormally, you will loose your log.
    • Logs are recorded only when you finish UIP with the exit command.
  • Log location
  • Close the catalog
    UIP> cat /close
  • Edit ~/.uip/cat/private_catalog.cat to add a new source to your private catalog.
  • Verify source information
    UIP> ver source name
  • Edit ~/.uip/cat/private_catalog.line_cat to add a new line to your private catalog
  • Verify line information
    UIP> ver /line line name

Observing scripts

For mapping observations, observing scripts can be convenient. Prepare a script with a text editor then run it with
uip> @ scriptname.uip
To interrupt a script or if an error occurs, type ctrl-c

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