Public Information

Although most of the information on this wiki is aimed at professional observers, the following material may interest a broader audience.

Decommissioning information

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Background Information

  • Archive of CSO construction and site plans: link to zip file (111 MB)
  • Historical photos related to Maunakea summit and CSO site: link to zip file (748 MB)

Submitted Documents

  • The Office of Maunakea Management (OMKM) maintains a page with all public decommissioning documents: Link
    • Direct link to CSO's Site Decommissioning Plan: pdf
    • Direct link to CSO's Notice of Intent to Decommission on OMKM website: pdf


(reverse chronological order)

  • 2021 Feb 12: Update on decommissioning: link to Dropbox link
  • 2017 Dec 4: Announcement of first request for public input on decommissioning: link to Dropbox folder with press release, scoping letter, and photos. Information on the history of the CSO is available below.
  • 2015 Sep 23: Announcement of the end of CSO operations: Link

Media Coverage

General information

Older material

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