To Start an Observation

  1. Select a target.
    • For a cataloged, non-planet target,
      uip> observe obj_name
    • For a planet,
      uip> planet name
  2. Wait for the telescope to start tracking.
    • The CSO Antenna Monitor will display “Tracking Acq” just below the target hour angle, center right.
  3. Start an observing script,
    uip> @ scriptname [parameters]
    • The standard scripts are in ~bolocam/macros/.
    • Some scripts have parameters, sometimes optional.
    • For non standard locations, include the full path name in double quotes.
  4. At this point the DAQ will output a different message, either performing IQ sweeps or starting data acquisition, depending on the script.
  5. When the script finishes, wait for the Matlab command window on lyre to display “Waiting for obsnum transition to start observation.” before starting another macro.

Things to Check Regularly

Check the cryostat temperatures at least once an hour. If 40 K rad (right column, fifth row) starts warming significantly, it probably means that the compressor has shut off. In the event this disaster strikes, first ensure that the chiller is still on (third floor - big blue box). If it's not, toggle the switch to the start position. Once the chiller is back online, restart the compressor (second floor, just outside where burnside and lyre sit).

Monitor the weather conditions, specifically the JCMT wind speed and relative humidity, at the EAO weather page, and – if you are at the summit – by periodically going outside.

Approximately 5 minutes after starting each macro, the MUSIC DAQ will display the maximum and average carrier power for each of the readout board on the matlab command window. Check the maximum power is close to -30 dB (within 1 dB) on all of the boards. If they are much lower or are reading 0.00 dB, then the boards are not receiving data and something is wrong. The average power should be between -34 and -36 dB, and will vary from board to board.

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