1989 Publications


  1. CO(2→1) Emission from the Interacting Galaxy Pair NGC3256
    Sargent, A.I., Sanders, D.B., Phillips, T.G.
    1989 ApJL 346, L9 ADS
  2. A Very Fast Molecular Outflow from the Protoplanetary Nebula CRL 618
    Gammie, C.F., Knapp, G.R., Young, K., Phillips, T.G., Falgarone, E.
    1989 ApJL 345, L87 ADS
  3. The Abundances of Atomic Carbon and Carbon Monoxide Compared with Visual Extinction in the Ophiuchus Molecular Cloud Complex
    Frerking, M., Keene, J., Blake, G., Phillips, T.G.
    1989 ApJ 344, 311 ADS
  4. CO Emission from Evolved Stars and Protoplanetary Nebulae
    Knapp, G.R., Sutin, B.M., Phillips, T.G., Ellison, B.N., Keene, J.B., Leighton, R.B., Masson, C.R., Steiger, W., Veidt, B., Young, K.
    1989 ApJ 336, 822 ADS
  5. The Structure of NGC7027 and a Determination of its Distance by Measurement of Proper Motions
    Masson, C.R.
    1989 ApJ 336, 294 ADS
  6. Detection of a 45-AU Radius Source around L 1551 - IRS 5 - a Possible Accretion Disk
    Masson, C. R.; Keene, J.
    1989 PASP 101, 881 ADS
  7. A 345GHz SIS Receiver for Radio Astronomy
    Ellison, B.N., Schaffer, P.L., Schaal, W., Vail, D., Miller, R.E.
    1989 IJIRMMW10, 937 ADS
  8. A solid-state frequency source for radio astronomy in the 100 to 1000 GHz range
    Rothermel, H.; Phillips, T. G.; Keene, J.
    1989 IJIRMMW 10, 83 ADS


  1. Planar Log Spiral Antennas and their Application in Quasioptical Focusing Systems
    Rose, T., Zimmerman, P., Büttgenbach, T.
    1989 Proc. Second Int. Symp. Antennas and EM Theory, Shanghai
  2. Recent CO (2-1) Observations of Galaxies with CSO
    Sargent, A.I., Phillips, T.G., Sanders, D.B., Scoville, N.Z.
    1989 Highlights of Astronomy, 8, 591 ADS
  3. Turbulence in Interstellar Clouds
    Falgarone, E.
    in Structure and Dynamics of the Interstellar Medium, ed. G. Tenorio-Tagle, M. Moles, J. Melnick
    1989 IAUC 120 [Lecture Notes in Physics 350], 68 (Springer-Verlag) ADS
  4. Millimeter Observations of Optically Selected Quasars
    Keene, J., Neugebauer, G., Carico, D., Sanders, D.B. and Soifer, B.T.
    in Active Galactic Nuclei, ed. D.E. Osterbrock, J.S. Miller
    1989 IAUS 134, 396 ADS
  5. Submillimeter CO(J=3-2) Observations of the Plane of the Milky Way Galaxy
    Wang, Z., Scoville, N.Z., Sanders, D., Sargent, A.I.
    1989 BAAS 21, 764 ADS
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