2007 Publications


  1. A Submillimeter View of Circumstellar Dust Disks in ρ Ophiuchi
    Andrews, Sean M.; Williams, Jonathan P.
    2007 ApJ 671, 1800 ADS
  2. Molecular Line Observations of the Small Protostellar Group L1251B
    Lee, J.; Di Francesco, J.; Bourke, T. L.; Evans, N. J., II; Wu, J.
    2007 ApJ 671, 1748 ADS
  3. Using Chemistry to Unveil the Kinematics of Starless Cores: Complex Radial Motions in Barnard 68
    Sébastien M.; E. A. Bergin
    2007 ApJL 670, L25 ADS
  4. Comparing Star Formation on Large Scales in the c2d Legacy Clouds: Bolocam 1.1 mm Dust Continuum Surveys of Serpens, Perseus, and Ophiuchus
    Enoch, Melissa L.; Glenn, Jason; Evans, Neal J., II; Sargent, Anneila I.; Young, Kaisa E.; Huard, Tracy L.
    2007 ApJ 666, 982 ADS
  5. First Constraints on Source Counts at 350 μm
    Khan, S. A.; Shafer, R. A.; Serjeant, S.; Willner, S.; Pearson, C.; Benford, D.; Staguhn, J.; Moseley, S.; Sumner, T.; Ashby, M.; Borys, C.; ; Chanial, P.; Clements, D.; Dowell, C. D.; Dwek, E.; Fazio, G.; Kovács, A.
    2007 ApJ 665, 973 ADS
  6. Spitzer Observations of a 24 μm Shadow: Bok Globule CB 190
    Stutz, A. M.; Bieging, J. H.; Rieke, G. H.; Shirley, Y. L.; Balog, Z.; Gordon, K. D.; Green, E. M.; Keene, J.; Kelly, B. C.; Rubin, M.; Werner, M.
    2007 ApJ 665, 466 ADS
  7. 350 μm Observations of Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies and the Temperature Dependence of the Emissivity Index
    Yang, M.; Phillips, T.
    2007 ApJ 662, 284 ADS
  8. The Effect of an Increased Elemental D/H Ratio on Deuterium Fractionation in the Cold Interstellar Medium
    Roueff, E.; Herbst, E.; Lis, D. C.; Phillips, T. G.
    2007 ApJL 661, L159 ADS
  9. Molecular Line Survey of CRL618 From 80 to 276 GHz and Complete Model
    Pardo, J.R.; Cernicharo, J.; Goicoechea, J.R.; Guelin, M., Ramos, A.A.
    2007 ApJ 661, 250 ADS
  10. 350 µm Observations of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies at Intermediate Redshifts
    Yang, M.; Greve, T.R.; Dowell, C.D., Borys, C.
    2007 ApJ 660, 1198 ADS
  11. Discovery of Interstellar Heavy Water
    Butner, H.M.; Charnley, S.B.; Ceccarelli, C.; Rodgers, S.D.; Pardo, J.R.; Parise; B.; Cernicharo, J., Davis, G.R.
    2007 ApJL 659, L137 ADS
  12. PROSAC: A Submillimeter Array Survey of Low-Mass Protostars. I. Overview of Program: Envelopes, Disks, Outflows, and Hot Cores
    Jørgensen, J.; Bourke, T.; Myers, P.; Di Francesco, J.; van Dishoeck, E. F.; Lee, C.; Ohashi, N.; Schöier, F. L.; Takakuwa, S.; Wilner, D. J.; Zhang, Q.
    2007 ApJ 659, 479 ADS
  13. Multiple Jets from the High-Mass (Proto)stellar Cluster AFGL 5142
    Zhang, Q.; Hunter, Todd R.; Beuther, H.; Sridharan, T. K.; Liu, S.-Y.; Su, Y.-N.; Chen, H.-R.; Chen, Y.
    2007 ApJ 658, 1152 ADS
  14. Anatomy of HH 111 from CO Observations: A Bow-Shock-driven Molecular Outflow
    Lefloch, B.; Cernicharo, J.; Reipurth, B.; Pardo, J. R.; Neri, R.
    2007 ApJ 658, 498 ADS
  15. The Origin of Diffuse X-Ray and γ-Ray Emission from the Galactic Center Region: Cosmic-Ray Particles
    Yusef-Zadeh, F.; Muno, M.; Wardle, M.; Lis, D. C.
    2007 ApJ 656, 847 ADS
  16. Massive Quiescent Cores in Orion. II. Core Mass Function
    Li, D.; Velusamy, T.; Goldsmith, P. F.; Langer, William D.
    2007 ApJ 655, 351 ADS
  17. Molecular Abundances in CRL618
    Pardo, J. R., Cernicharo, J.
    2007 ApJ 654, 978 ADS
  18. Radio and Millimeter Properties of z ~ 5.7 Lyα Emitters in the COSMOS Field: Limits on Radio AGNs, Submillimeter Galaxies, and Dust Obscuration
    Carilli, C. L.; Murayama, T.; Wang, R.; Schinnerer, E.; Taniguchi, Y.; Smolčić, V.; Bertoldi, F.; Ajiki, M.; Nagao, T.; Sasaki, S. S.; Shioya, Y.; Aguirre, J. E.; Blain, A. W.; Scoville, N.; Sanders, D. B.
    2007 ApJS 172, 518 ADS
  19. SHARC-II Mapping of Spitzer c2d Small Clouds and Cores
    Wu, Jingwen; Dunham, Michael M.; Evans, Neal J., II; Bourke, Tyler L.; Young, Chadwick H.
    2007 AJ 133, 1560 ADS
  20. Astronomical Image Processing with Array Detectors
    Houde, Martin; Vaillancourt, John E.
    2007 PASP 119, 871 ADS
  21. Methanol as a diagnostic tool of interstellar clouds. II. Modelling high-mass protostellar objects
    Leurini, S.; Schilke, P.; Wyrowski, F.; Menten, K. M.
    2007 A&A 466, 215 ADS
  22. Depletion and low gas temperature in the L183 (=L134N) prestellar core: the N2H+-N2D+ tool
    Pagani, L.; Bacmann, A.; Cabrit, S.; Vastel, C.
    2007 A&A 467, 179 ADS
  23. Overluminous HNC line emission in Arp 220, NGC 4418 and Mrk 231. Global IR pumping or XDRs?
    Aalto, S.; Spaans, M.; Wiedner, M. C.; Hüttemeister, S.
    2007 A&A 464, 193 ADS
  24. Wide-field mid-infrared and millimetre imaging of the high-redshift radio galaxy, 4C41.17
    Greve, T. R.; Stern, D.; Ivison, R. J.; De Breuck, C.; Kovács, A.; Bertoldi, F.
    2007 MNRAS 382, 48 ADS
  25. Radio observations of Comet 9P/Tempel 1 before and after Deep Impact
    Biver, Nicolas; Bockelée-Morvan, Dominique; Boissier, Jérémie; Crovisier, Jacques; Colom, Pierre; Lecacheux, Alain; Moreno, Raphaël; Paubert, Gabriel; Lis, Dariusz C.; Sumner, Matthew; Frisk, Urban; Hjalmarson, Åke; Olberg, Michael; Winnberg, Anders; Florén, Hans-Gustav; Sandqvist, Aage; Kwok, Sun
    2007 Icarus 187, 253 ADS
    2007 Icarus Suppl. 191, 494 ADS
  26. Submillimetre observations of comets with Odin: 2001–2005
    Biver, N.; Bockelée-Morvan, D.; Crovisier, J.; Lecacheux, A.; Frisk, U.; Hjalmarson, Å.; Olberg, M.; Florén, H.; Sandqvist, A.; Kwok, S.
    2007 Planetary and Space Science 55, 1058 ADS
  27. A 275-425 GHz Tunerless Waveguide Receiver Based on AIN-Barrier SIS Technology
    Kooi, J.; Kovacs, A; Sumner, M.C.; Chattopadhyay, G.; Ceria, R.; Miller, D.; Bumble, B.; LeDuc, J.A., Phillips, T.G.
    2007 IEEE Trans. MTT 55, 2086 ADS
  28. Cold Dark Clouds: The Initial Conditions for Star Formation
    Bergin, Edwin A.; Tafalla, Mario
    2007 ARAA 45, 339 ADS


  1. The Caltech Submillimeter Observatory
    Phillips, T.G.
    2007 IEEE MTT-S International Symposium, 1849 ADS doi
  2. The Dusty Disk of the Early-Type Galaxy NGC3656
    Leeuw, Lerothodi L.; Davidson, Jacqueline; Dowell, C. Darren; Hildebrand, Roger H.; Matthews, Henry E.
    in Island Universes: Structure and Evolution of Disk Galaxies, ed. R. S. de Jong
    2007 Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings, 383 (Springer) ADS
  3. Observations and Models of the Debris Disk around the K dwarf HD 92945
    Golimowski, D.; John Krist, J.; Chen, C.; Stapelfeldt, K.; Ardila, D.; Clampin, M.; Schneider, G.; Silverstone, M.; Ford, H.; Illingworth, G.
    in The Direct Detection of Planets and Circumstellar Disks in the 21st Century, ed. P. Kalas
    2007, p. 46 ADS
  4. Star Formation Feedback on the ISM Properties
    Bayet, E.; Gerin, M.; Phillips, T. G.; Le Bourlot, J.; Le Petit, F.
    in Chemodynamics: From First Stars to Local Galaxies, ed. H. Wozniak
    2007 EAS Publication Series 24, 279 ADS
  5. Sub–mm CO Line Observation and Modelling of Circumstellar Shells
    Teyssier, D.; Bujarrabal, V.; Yoshida, H.; Phillips, T. G.
    in Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars: Their Importance as Actors and Probes, ed. F. Kerschbaum, C. Charbonnel, R. F. Wing
    2007 ASPCS 378, 205 ADS
  6. Z-Spec: A Dispersive Millimeter-Wave Spectrometer
    Glenn, J.; Aikin, R.; Aguirre, J.; Earle, L.; Maloney, P.; Bock, J. J.; Bradford, C. M.; Dragovan, M.; Nguyen, H.; Naylor, B.; Zmuidzinas, J.; Duband, L.; Matsuhara, H.; Ade, P. A. R.
    in From Z-Machines to ALMA: (Sub)Millimeter Spectroscopy of Galaxies, ed. A. J. Baker, J. Glenn, A. I. Harris, J. G. Mangum, M. S. Yun
    2007 ASPCS 375, 63 ADS
  7. ZEUS: the Redshift (z) and Early Universe Spectrometer
    Stacey, G. J.; Hailey-Dunsheath, S.; Nikola, T.; Oberst, T. E.; Parshley, S. C.; Benford, D. J.; Staguhn, J. G.; Moseley, S. H.; Tucker, C.
    in From Z-Machines to ALMA: (Sub)Millimeter Spectroscopy of Galaxies, ed. A. J. Baker, J. Glenn, A. I. Harris, J. G. Mangum, M. S. Yun
    2007 ASPCS 375, 52 ADS
  8. Quiescent high mass cores in Orion region
    Velusamy, T.; Li, D.; Goldsmith, P. F.; Langer, W. D.
    in Triggered Star Formation in a Turbulent ISM, ed. B. G. Elmegreen, J. Palous
    2007 IAUS 237, 488 ADS
  9. Star formation In Bright-Rimmed Clouds: a comparison of wind-driven triggering with millimeter observations
    de Vries, Christopher H.; Narayanan, G.; Snell, R. L.
    in Triggered Star Formation in a Turbulent ISM, ed. B. G. Elmegreen, J. Palous
    2007 IAUS 237, 409 ADS
  10. Upgrades to the CSO Heterodyne Facility Instrumentation: A 280-420 GHz Wide IF band Rx and beyond
    Kooi, Jacob
    2007 Proc. 18th Int. Symp. Space THz Tech., 270 ADS
  11. A Millimeter/Submillimeter Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detector Camera for Multicolor Mapping
    Glenn, Jason; Day, Peter K.; Golwala, Sunil; Kumar, Shwetank; Leduc, Henry G.; Mazin, Benjamin A.; Nguyen, Hien T.; Schlaerth, James; Vayonakis, Anastasios; Zmuidzinas, Jonas
    2007 Proc. 18th Int. Symp. Space THz Tech., 179 ADS
  12. An Upper Limit on Gas Production by 3200 Phaethon from Millimeter and Sub-millimeter Observations
    Wiegert, Paul; Houde, M.; Peng, R.
    2007 AAS DPS 39, 53.06 ADS
  13. Submillimeter Galactic Surveys (Current and near-term)
    Holland, Wayne
    2007 AAS 211, 121.01 ADS
  14. A Search for CMB Anisotropies on Arcminute Scales with Bolocam
    Sayers, J.; Golwala, S. R.; Rossinot, P.; Ade, P. A. R.; Aguirre, J. E.; Bock, J. J.; Edgington, S. F.; Glenn, J.; Goldin, A.; Haig, D.; Lange, A. E.; Laurent, G. T.; Mauskopf, P. D.; Nguyen, H. T.
    2007 AAS 211, 110.02 ADS
  15. Status of a Novel 4-Band Submm/mm Camera for the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory
    Noroozian, O.; Day, P.; Glenn, J.; Golwala, S.; Kumar, S.; LeDuc, H. G.; Mazin, B.; Nguyen, H. T.; Schlaerth, J.; Vaillancourt, J. E.; Vayonakis, A.; Zmuidzinas, J.
    2007 AAS 211, 101.02 ADS
  16. A Digital Readout System For The CSO Microwave Kinetic Inductance Camera
    Max-Moerbeck, W.; Mazin, B. A.; Zmuidzinas, J.
    2007 AAS 211, 101.01 ADS
  17. Dust and Gas Temperature of the Prestellar Core TMC-1C
    Schnee, S.; Sargent, A.
    2007 AAS 211, 89.10 ADS
  18. Physical Properties of an Isolated Massive Dense Core IRAS 20126+4104
    Shinnaga, Hiroko; Phillips, T. G.; Furuya, R. S.; Cesaroni, R.; Yoshida, H.
    2007 AAS 210, 87.05 ADS
  19. The Bolocam 1.1mm Galactic Plane Survey
    Williams, Jonathan P.; Aguirre, J.; Bally, J.; Glenn, J.; Evans, N.; Nordhaus, M.; Walawender, J.; Mills, E.; Chamberlin, R.
    2007 AAS 210, 12.11 ADS


  1. Submillimeter surveys of galaxy samples
    Yang, M.
    2007 PhD Thesis, California Institute of Technology ADS Caltech Library


  1. A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away
    Kanipe, J.
    2007 Nature 446, 600 ADS
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