2000 Publications

Journal papers

  1. Millimeter Observations of Vibrationally Excited CS toward IRC +10216: A New Circumstellar Maser?
    Highberger, J. L., Apponi, A. J., Bieging, J. H., Ziurys, L. M., Mangum, J. G.
    2000 ApJ 544, 881 ADS
  2. A Microjet: A Protostar's Cry at Birth
    Furuya, R. S., Kitamura, Y., Wootten, H. A., Claussen, M. J., Saito, M., Marvel, K. B., Kawabe, R.
    2000 ApJL 542, L135 ADS
  3. A Multitransition HCO+ Study in NGC 2264G: Anomalous Emission of the J=1→0 Line
    Girart, José M.; Estalella, Robert; Ho, Paul T. P.; Rudolph, Alexander L.
    2000 ApJ 539, 763 ADS
  4. Limits on Arcminute-Scale Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy at 28.5 GHz
    Holzapfel, W. L., Carlstrom, J. E., Grego, L., Holder, G., Joy, M., Reese, E. D.
    2000 ApJ 539, 57 ADS
  5. The Structure of the Monoceros R2 Molecular Cloud Core
    Choi, M., Evans, N. J., II, Tafalla, M., Bachiller, R.
    2000 ApJ 538, 738 ADS
  6. A Determination of the Hubble Constant Using Measurements of X-Ray Emission and the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect at Millimeter Wavelengths in the Cluster Abell 1835
    Mauskopf, P. D., Ade, P. A. R., Allen, S. W., Church, S. E., Edge, A. C., Ganga, K. M., Holzapfel, W. L., Lange, A. E., Rownd, B. K., Philhour, B. J., Runyan, M. C.
    2000 ApJ 538, 505 ADS
  7. How to Identify Pre-Protostellar Cores
    Gregersen, E. M., Evans, N. J., II.
    2000 ApJ 538, 260 ADS
    (Erratum: 2001 ApJ 553, 1042 ADS)
  8. Atomic Carbon in Galaxies
    Gerin, M., Phillips, T. G.
    2000 ApJ 537, 644 ADS
  9. Structure and Evolution of the Envelopes of Deeply Embedded Massive Young Stars
    van der Tak, F. F. S., van Dishoeck, E. F., Evans, N. J., II, Blake, G. A.
    2000 ApJ 537, 283 ADS
  10. Probing the Magnetic Field with Molecular Ion Spectra. II
    Houde, M., Peng, R., Phillips, T. G., Bastien, P., Yoshida, H.
    2000 ApJ 537, 245 ADS
  11. Probing the Magnetic Field with Molecular Ion Spectra
    Houde, M., Bastien, P., Peng, R., Phillips, T. G., Yoshida, H.
    2000 ApJ 536, 857 ADS
  12. A Spectral Line Study of Serpens S68 FIRS1 Region
    McMullin, J. P., Mundy, L. G., Blake, G. A., Wilking, B. A., Mangum, J. G., Latter, W. B.
    2000 ApJ 536, 845 ADS
  13. Probing the Magnetic Field Structure in the W3 Molecular Cloud
    Schleuning, D. A., Vaillancourt, J. E., Hildebrand, R. H., Dowell, C. D., Novak, G., Dotson, J. L., Davidson, J. A.
    2000 ApJ 535, 913 ADS
  14. Atomic Carbon in the Envelopes of Carbon-rich Post-Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
    Knapp, G. R., Crosas, M., Young, K., Ivezić, Željko
    2000 ApJ 534, 324 ADS
  15. Does Infall End before the Class I Stage?
    Gregersen, E. M., Evans, N. J., II, Mardones, D., Myers, P. C.
    2000 ApJ 533, 440 ADS
  16. Submillimeter Polarimetric Observations of the Galactic Center
    Novak, G., Dotson, J. L., Dowell, C. D., Hildebrand, R. H., Renbarger, T., Schleuning, D. A.
    2000 ApJ 529, 241 ADS
  17. A Submillimeter HCN Laser in IRC +10216
    Schilke, P., Mehringer, D. M., Menten, K. M.
    2000 ApJL 528, L37 ADS
  18. Spectroscopic Observations of Comet C/1999 H1 (Lee) with the SEST, JCMT, CSO, IRAM, and Nançay Radio Telescopes
    Biver, N., Bockelée-Morvan, D., Crovisier, J., Henry, F., Davies, J. K., Matthews, H. E., Colom, P., Gérard, E., Lis, D. C., Phillips, T. G., Rantakyrö, F., Haikala, L., Weaver, H. A.
    2000 AJ 120, 1554 ADS
  19. 350 Micron Images of Massive Star Formation Regions
    Hunter, T. R., Churchwell, E., Watson, C., Cox, P., Benford, D. J., Roelfsema, P. R.
    2000 AJ 119, 2711 ADS
  20. Erratum: A Primer on Far-Infrared Polarimetry
    Hildebrand, R. H., Davidson, J. A., Dotson, J. L., Dowell, C. D., Novak, G., Vaillancourt, J. E.
    2000 PASP 112, 1621 ADS
    (Original: 2000 PASP 112, 1215 ADS)
  21. A Primer on Far-Infrared Polarimetry
    Hildebrand, R. H., Davidson, J. A., Dotson, J. L., Dowell, C. D., Novak, G., Vaillancourt, J. E.
    2000 PASP 112, 1215 ADS
    (Erratum: 2000 PASP 112, 1621 ADS)
  22. Infrared observations of hot gas and cold ice toward the low mass protostar Elias 29
    Boogert, A.C.A., Tielens, A., Ceccarelli, C., Boonman, A., van Dishoeck, E., Keane, J.V., Whittet, D.C.B., and de Graauw, Th.
    2000 A&A 360, 683 ADS
  23. ISO observations of the reflection nebula Ced 201: evolution of carbonaceous dust
    Cesarsky, D., Lequeux, J., Ryter, C., Gérin, M.
    2000 A&A 354, L87 ADS
  24. New molecules found in comet C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp). Investigating the link between cometary and interstellar material
    Bockelée-Morvan, D., Lis, D. C., Wink, J. E., Despois, D., Crovisier, J., Bachiller, R., Benford, D. J., Biver, N., Colom, P., Davies, J. K., Gérard, E., Germain, B., Houde, M., Mehringer, D., Moreno, R., Paubert, G., Phillips, T. G., Rauer, H.
    2000 A&A 353, 1101 ADS
  25. ISO-SWS observations of interstellar solid 13CO2: heated ice and the galactic 12C/13C abandance ratio
    Boogert, A., Ehrenfreund, P., Gerakines, P.A., Tielens, A., Whittet, D.C.B., Schutte, W.A., van Dishoeck, E., Graauw, Th., Decin, L., and Prusti, T.
    2000 A&A 353, 349 ADS
  26. A submillimetre survey for protostellar accretion discs using the JCMT-CSO interferometer
    Brown, D. W., Chandler, C. J., Carlstrom, J. E., Hills, R. E., Lay, O. P., Matthews, B. C., Richer, J. S., Wilson, C. D.
    2000 MNRAS 319, 154 ADS
  27. Search for Extraterrestrial Origin of Atmospheric Trace Molecules - Radio Sub-MM Observations during the Leonids
    Despois, D., Ricaud, P., Lautié, N., Schneider, N., Jacq, T., Biver, N., Lis, D. C., Chamberlin, R. A., Phillips, T. G., Miller, M., Jenniskens, P.
    2000 Earth, Moon, and Planets 82, 129 ADS
  28. Vertical Distribution of PH3 in Saturn from Observations of Its 1-0 and 3-2 Rotational Lines
    Orton, Glenn S., Serabyn, E., Lee, Y. T.
    2000 Icarus 146, 48 ADS
    (Erratum: 2001 Icarus 149, 489 ADS)
  29. A Double Fabry-Perot filter for submillimeter CO transitions and the CO spectrum of Venus
    Serabyn, E., Benford, D. J., Wu, S., Pardo, J. R.
    2000 Applied Optics 39, 6448 ADS
  30. Balloon-borne submillimeter observations of upper stratospheric O2 and O3
    Pardo, J., Pagani, L., Oloffson, G., Febvre, P., Tauber, J.
    2000 J. Quant. Spectr. Radiat. Transfer 67, 169 ADS
  31. A Low Noise NbTiN-based 850 GHz Receiver for the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory
    Kooi, J. W., Kawamura, J., Chen, J., Chattopadhayay, G., Pardo, J. R., Zmuidzinas, J., Phillips, T. G., Bumble, B., Stern, J., LeDuc, H. G.
    2000 IJIRMMW 21, 1357 DOI
  32. Noise Stability of SIS Receivers
    Kooi, J. W., Chattopadhyay, G., Thielman, M., Phillips, T. G., Schieder, R.
    2000 IJIRMMW 21, 689 ADS
  33. Very High Current Density Nb/AlN/Nb Tunnel Junctions for Low-Noise Submillimeter Receivers
    Kawamura, J., Miller, D., Chen, J., Zmuidzinas, J., Bumble, B., LeDuc, H. G., Stern, J. A.
    2000 Appl. Phys. Lett. 76, 2119 ADS
  34. A Dual Polarized Quasi-Optical SIS Mixer at 550 GHz
    Chattopadhyay, G., Miller, D., LeDuc, H. G., Zmuidzinas, J.
    2000 IEEE Trans. MTT 48, 1680 ADS

Conference proceedings

  1. Phase Correction on Mauna Kea Using 183 GHz Water Vapor Monitors
    Wiedner, M. C., Hills, R. E.
    in Imaging at Radio through Submillimeter Wavelengths, ed. J. G. Mangum, S. J. E. Radford
    2000 ASPCS 217, 327 ADS
  2. Semiconducting Pop-Up Bolometers for Far-Infrared and Submillimeter Astronomy
    Moseley, Jr., S. H., Dowell, C. D., Allen, C., Phillips, T. G.
    in Imaging at Radio through Submillimeter Wavelengths, ed. J. G. Mangum, S. J. E. Radford
    2000 ASPCS 217, 140 ADS
  3. Superconducting Bolometer Arrays for Far-Infrared and Submillimeter Astronomy
    Benford, D. J., Allen, C. A., Chervenak, J. A., Grossman, E. N., Irwin, K. D., Kutyrev, A. S., Martinis, J. M., Moseley, S. H., Shafer, R. A., Reintsema, C. D.
    in Imaging at Radio through Submillimeter Wavelengths, ed. J. G. Mangum, S. J. E. Radford
    2000 ASPCS 217, 134 ADS
  4. BOLOCAM: A 144 Element Bolometer Array Camera for Millimeter-Wave Imaging
    Mauskopf, P. D., Gerecht, E., Rownd, B. K., Edgington, S. F., Hristov, V. H., Kornfeld, B. M., Lange, A. E., Bock, J. J., Nguyen, H., Glenn, J.
    in Imaging at Radio through Submillimeter Wavelengths, ed. J. G. Mangum, S. J. E. Radford
    2000 ASPCS 217, 115 ADS
  5. Plans for a Second Generation 350 Micron Camera for the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory
    Dowell, C. D., Moseley, S. H., Jr., Phillips, T. G.
    in Imaging at Radio through Submillimeter Wavelengths, ed. J. G. Mangum, S. J. E. Radford
    2000 ASPCS 217, 105 ADS
  6. Dust Continuum Imaging with the Submillimeter High Angular Resolution Camera (SHARC)
    Lis, D. C.
    in Imaging at Radio through Submillimeter Wavelengths, ed. J. G. Mangum, S. J. E. Radford
    2000 ASPCS 217, 100 ADS
  7. Submillimeter Spectroscopy of High Redshift Galaxies
    Pajot, F., Cox, P., Dole, H., Lagache, G., Puget, J.L., Maffei, B., Benford, D., Moseley, H., Phillips, T. G.
    in Energy Densities in the Universe
    2000 Recontres de Moriond XXXV pdf
  8. Submillimeter Continuum Observations of Starforming Regions
    D.C. Lis
    in Star Formation from the Small to the Large Scale, ed. F. Favata, A. Kaas, A. Wilson
    2000 ESALAB Symp. 33, ESA SP 445, 187 ADS
  9. A 4-8 GHz Quasi-MMIC IF Amplifier for a 690 GHz SIS Receiver
    Ward, J., Miller, D., Zmuidzinas, J., O’Brien, P., LeDuc, H., Bicknell-Tassius, R.
    2000 Proc. Eleventh Int. Symp. Space THz Tech, 570 ADS 2000561572.pdf
  10. A 200 km/sec Molecular Wind in the Carbon Star V Hya
    Knapp, Gillian; Jorissen, Alain; Young, Ken
    2000 IAUS 177, 549 ADS
  11. A Broadband Submillimeter Spectrometer using Transition Edge Sensor Bolometers
    Benford, D. J.; Maffei, B.; Moseley, S. H.; Pajot, F.; Phillips, T. G.; Rioux, C.; Shafer, R. A.
    2000 AAS 197, 53.03 ADS
  12. Testing and First Light for the Pop-up Bolometric Detectors (PUDs) for the High Resoultion Airborne Wideband Camera (HAWC) on SOFIA
    Freund, M. M.; Moseley, S. H.; Allen, C. A.; Shafer, R. A.; Voellmer, G. M.; Staguhn, J.; Harper, D. A.; Dowell, D.; Phillips, T.
    2000 AAS 197, 15.15 ADS

Other publications

  1. Receivers: Submillimeter Feeds and Receivers
    Phillips, T. G.
    in Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics, ed. P. Murdin
    2000 p. 2917 (Grove Dictionaries) ADS
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