1991 Publications

Journal papers

  1. Particle Emissivity in Circumstellar Disks
    Beckwith, S.V.W., Sargent, A.I.
    1991 ApJ 381, 250 ADS
  2. Galactic Center Gas Dynamics: A One-armed Spiral in a Keplerian Disk
    Lacy, J.H., Achtermann, J.M., Serabyn, E.
    1991 ApJL 380, L71 ADS
  3. Abundances in Red Giant Stars: Nitrogen Isotopes in Carbon-Rich Molecular Envelopes
    Wannier, P.G., Anderson, B-G., Olofsson, H., Ukita, N., Young K.
    1991 ApJ 380, 593 ADS
  4. Millimeter Continuum Observations of Galactic Center Giant Molecular Cloud Cores
    Lis, D.C., Carlstrom, J.E., Keene, J.
    1991 ApJ 380, 429 ADS
  5. Location of the Thermal Continuum Source Sagittarius D
    Lis, D.C.
    1991 ApJL 379, L53 ADS
  6. Molecular Gas in Elliptical Galaxies
    Lees, J.F., Knapp, G.R., Rupen, M.P., Phillips, T.G.
    1991 ApJ 379, 177 ADS
    (Erratum: 1992 ApJ 396, 741 ADS)
  7. A Gaseous Tail Ablated from the Supergiant IRS 7 Near the Galactic Center
    Serabyn, E., Lacy, J.H., Achtermann, J.M.
    1991 ApJ 378, 557 ADS
  8. The Edges of Molecular Clouds: Fractal Boundaries and Density Structure
    Falgarone, E., Phillips, T.G., Walker, C.K.
    1991 ApJ 378, 186 ADS
  9. Size and Density Distribution of Very Small Dust Grains in the Barnard 5 Cloud
    Lis, D.C., Leung, C.M.
    1991 ApJL 372, L107 ADS
  10. Protostellar Condensations in the Core of NGC 2024
    Lis, D.C., Carlstrom, J.E., Phillips, T.G.
    1991 ApJ 370, 583 ADS
  11. High Density Gas in the Core of the Sagittarius B2 Molecular Cloud
    Lis, D.C., Goldsmith, P.F.
    1991 ApJ 369, 157 ADS
  12. CO J = 3→2 Observations of Translucent and High-Latitude Molecular Clouds
    van Dishoeck, E.F., Black, J.H., Phillips, T.G., Gredel, R.
    1991 ApJ 366, 141 ADS
  13. Molecular Line Survey of Sagittarus B2 (M) from 330 to 355 GHz and Comparison with Sagittarus B2(N)
    Sutton, E.C., Jaminet, P.A., Danchi, W.C., Blake, G.A.
    1991 ApJS 77, 255 ADS
  14. Detection of the Ground-State Transition of HDO
    Schulz, A., Güsten, R., Serabyn, E., Walmsley, C.M.
    1991 A&A 246, L55 ADS
  15. Dense Clumps in NGC 2024 - Protostellar Condensations?
    Schulz, A., Güsten, R., Zylka, R., Serabyn, E.
    1991 A&A 245, 570 ADS
  16. CO J=1-0, 2-1 and 3-2 Absorption and Emission Toward the Nucleus of Centaurus A: Probing the Circumnuclear Disk
    Israel, F.P., van Dishoeck, E.F., Bass, F., de Graauw, T., Phillips, T.G.
    1991 A&A 245, L13 ADS
  17. The H II Region G0.18-0.04: Ionization of a Molecular Cloud by Impact with a Strong Magnetic Field
    Serabyn, E., Gusten, R.
    1991 A&A 242, 376 ADS
  18. Infrared Emission from Isolated Dust Clouds in the Presence of Very Small Dust Grains
    Lis, D.C., Leung, C.M.
    1991 Icarus 91, 7 ADS
  19. Submillimeter Observations of CO in Mars' Atmosphere
    Lellouch, E., Encrenaz, T., Phillips, T.G., Falgarone, E., Billebaud, F.
    1991 Planetary Space Sci. 39, 209 ADS
  20. An Acousto-Optical Spectrometer with a Visible Laser Diode Source
    Serabyn, E., Chumney, D.
    1991 IJIRMMW 12, 1493 ADS
  21. VLSI Partitioning of a 2-Gs/s Digital Spectrometer
    Von Herzen, B.
    1991 IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits 26, 768 ADS
  22. Surface figure measurements of radio telescopes with a shearing interferometer
    E. Serabyn, T. G. Phillips, C. R. Masson
    1991 Applied Optics 30, 1227 ADS

Conference proceedings

  1. Disks Associated with Intermediate Mass Stars
    Strom, S.E., Keene, J., Edwards, S., Hillenbrand, L., Strom, K., Gauvin, L., Condon, G.
    in Angular Momentum Evolution of Young Stars ed. S. Catalano, J.R. Stauffer
    1991 Proc. NATO Advanced Research Workshop, p. 63 (Kluwer) ADS
  2. Using Gas Kinematics to Measure M/L in Elliptical Galaxies
    de Zeeuw, T.
    in Warped Disks and Inclined Rings Around Galaxies, ed. S. Casertano, P.D. Sackett, F.H. Briggs
    1991, p. 33 (Cambridge)ADS
  3. Radio Telescope Surface Measurement with a Shearing Interferometer
    Serabyn, E., Phillips, T.G., Masson, C.R.
    in Holography Testing of Large Radio Telescopes
    1991 URSI workshop, p. 40 (Nauka: St. Petersburg)
  4. The Extremely High Velocity CO Flow in HH 7-11
    Masson, C. R.; Mundy, L. A.; Keene, J.
    in Atoms, ions and molecules: New results in spectral line astrophysics
    1991 ASPCS 16, 303 ADS
  5. A 45 AU Radius Source around L1551-IRS5 : a Possible Accretion Disk
    Masson, C. R.; Keene, J.
    in Structure and Emission Properties of Accretion Disks, ed. C. Bertout, S. Collin-Souffrin, J. P. Lasota
    1991 IAUC 129, 55 (Editions Frontieres) ADS
  6. Density and Kinematics of the W49A Cloud Core
    Serabyn, E., Güsten, R.
    in Fragmentation of Molecular Clouds and Star Formation, ed. E. Falgarone, F. Boulanger, G. Duvert
    1991 IAUS 147, 494 ADS
  7. Dense Cloud Cores
    Güsten, R., Schulz, A., Serabyn, E.
    in Fragmentation of Molecular Clouds and Star Formation, ed. E. Falgarone, F. Boulanger, G. Duvert
    1991 IAUS 147, 430 ADS
  8. A 45 AU Radius Source around L1551-IRS5: a Possible Accretion Disk
    Keene, J.; Masson, C. R.
    in Fragmentation of Molecular Clouds and Star Formation, ed. E. Falgarone, F. Boulanger, G. Duvert
    1991 IAUS 147, 361 ADS
  9. Signatures of Turbulence in the Dense Interstellar Medium
    Falgarone, E., Phillips, T.G.
    in Fragmentation of Molecular Clouds and Star Formation, ed. E. Falgarone, F. Boulanger, G. Duvert
    1991 IAUS 147, 119 ADS
  10. An Upper Limit to the Molecular Density in IC 342
    Serabyn, E., Güsten, R.
    in Dynamics of Galaxies and Their Molecular Cloud Distributions, ed. F. Combes, F. Casoli
    1991 IAUS 146, 306 ADS
  11. Quasi-Optical Slot Antenna SIS Mixers
    Zmuidzinas, J., LeDuc, H.G.
    1991 Proc. Second Int. Symp. Space THz Tech., 481 ADS
  12. A Low Noise 230 GHz Heterodyne Receiver Employing .25μm2 Nb/Al-AlOx/Nb Tunnel Junctions
    Kooi, J. W.; Chan, M.; Phillips, T. G.; Bumble, B.; Leduc, H. G.
    1991 Proc. Second Int. Symp. Space THz Tech., 459 ADS
  13. Twin Peaks in Maffei 2: CSO CO (3-2) Observations of the Nuclear Molecular Arms
    Hurt, R. L.; Turner, J. L.; Ho, P. T.; Martin, R. N.
    1991 BAAS 23, 1459 ADS
  14. The Morphology of a Bright Rim in NGC 2264
    Tauber, J. A.; Lis, D. C.
    1991 BAAS 23, 888 ADS
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