The Leighton Telescope.
Photo courtesy of Mark Halpern and Scott Chapman

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The CSO web pages are being reorganized (slowly). Technical information is being migrated to a wiki. This reference page is being phased out. Obsolete links are stricken and other links may not be maintained. Simon Radford, 2012 January 4.

CSO Instruments

Heterodyne Systems
SHARC II (Submillimeter High Angular Resolution Camera)
DSOS (Dish Surface Optimization System)
CSO Beam Efficiency Measurements
CSO-JCMT Interferometer

CSO Information

General Information
Local Information (Memos, Trouble Shooting Guide, etc.) For Current Observers
Logistics... current visitor log, CSO visitor forms, maps, hotels, etc.
CSO Weather Multiplexing Policy
New UIP in use since September 7, 2009
CSO Observing Manual (revised Jan. 2002)
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CSO Seminar
Recent News and Results Digest
Recent CSO Results
Live Image from the CSO
Information about the CSO antenna and optics
CSO Education, Outreach, and Public Service
CSO History
CSO Hawaii Based Staff
Employment Opportunities

Search Past CSO Data

Data from heterodyne observations at the CSO have been archived since Jan. 1, 1995. To search the database by source name, please select its first letter:
A-B , C-D , E-F , G , H , I , J-K , L , M , N , O-Q , R , S , T-V , W-Z , or a number .

To search the database by source position, click here .

Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey (BGPS) Data Archive at NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive

Search Historical Tau Data

To search the archived historical atmospheric opacity data measured at 225 GHz and 350 micron at the CSO, click on the "Historical Tau Data" button on the sidebar.

Other Information

The Caltech Submillimeter Astrophysics Group
Astronomical Resources
The other Mauna Kea telescopes
Emergency phone contacts of the Mauna Kea observatories
Information about Hawaii

About Robert Leighton:

By Karen Freeman, NYTimes, March 14, 1997.
By Charles Peck, Caltech, March, 1997.
Finding Aid to the Papers of Robert B. Leighton, 1938-1988

Legal Stuff:

Permission to use images from these webpages should be requested from Simon Radford, CSO Manager. PH: 808-935-1909.

Ruisheng Peng , Caltech Submm Observatory

Weather Information

current summit views

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CSO Weather Page
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Today's Tau Data
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Historical Tau Data
JACH Weather Page

Other Hawaii Weather Info

Hurricane Tracking
El Nino Info

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